We’re in lockdown – is my property still going to settle?

On the 26th of June 2021, the NSW Government announced a series of ‘Stay At Home Orders’, which have basically but us all back into lockdown. This can be a really tricky time, but Stanfords Solicitors and Mediators is here to guide you through this process. You can call us for advice on 1300 444 LAW. The following information applies to settlements in the Greater Sydney area. 

Please note that the Stay At Home Orders and COVID-19 Regulations in NSW are changing regularly. This information is up to date at the time of publishing, but may be subject to changes and updates.

Settlements are still going ahead

Stay At Home Orders do not prevent people from complying with their legal obligations. So at this stage, there is no reason why your settlement would not go ahead. 

We will work on making sure that your matter goes ahead as though there were no Stay At Home Orders in place.

How will final inspections work?

Under the current Stay At Home Order, you are allowed to leave your home, or have people enter your home, to inspect the property as a potential place of residence. 

You will still need to be mindful of regulations about face masks, and you should consult with the real estate agent as closely as possible.

Can I still move out of my house and into my new house?

Yes, you can still move house. Currently there are exceptions to Stay At Home Orders if you are moving to a new residence. 

You will need to be mindful of regulations about face masks, and how many people you can have in your house though, so you may need to make alternative arrangements for how you will move your possessions. 


We understand buying and selling can be a stressful time, without the added difficulties that can come with a lockdown. Stanfords Solicitors and Mediators has been through this before though, and we are able to support you through the legal process to our usual high standards. 

If you require any advice in relation to your upcoming settlement, call Stanfords on 1300 444 LAW.