Parenting Orders plus Divorce

Parenting Arrangements & Divorce

Living Separately And Parenting Together

Did you know that 80% of separated couples reach an agreement about the parenting arrangements themselves without a Judge making that decision for them? If this is you, and you are sensible and understand how important it is to document your agreement in case things change in the future (ie new partners, new work arrangements etc) then:-

You need two documents:

  • If you are married and have been separated for over 12 months, you need an application for a Divorce Order; and
  • The application for Consent Orders and the Consent Orders.

Parenting Orders and Divorce Package $2,200 inc GST

  • 1 hour telephone or video conference with you to discuss your agreement
  • A completed application for your divorce
  • A completed application for your consent orders for parenting
  • Drafting your Consent orders
  • Up to 2 revisions of your draft consent orders
  • Meeting with you via video to assist you to sign your applications and orders
  • Filing your application for divorce on the Commonwealth Courts Portal
  • Filing your application for consent orders on the Commonwealth Courts Portal
  • Notification once your orders have been made
  • Notification to you if any requisitions are received by the Court and assistance resolving the requisition
  • Orders with the Court seal emailed to you 
  • Negotiations between the parties, we just draft your agreement
  • Federal Circuit Court filing fees: 
    Divorce                   $930
    Consent Orders      $170
If you are not sure where to start please reach out to our experienced Family Law Team